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By Escort 88 Admin,

Name: V17
Nationality: Vietnam
Current location: Kuala Lumpur

Incall location: Kuala Lumpur,bukit bintang imbi
Outcall delivery: All kuala lumpur and selangor area

011–1133 5545 or add me wechat Escort Spa 88| Escort KL| Weixin logo V17

  • NORMAL RATE PACKAGE (incall and outcall rate)
    45  minutes = Max 1 shot =RM 170 /45分钟 = 1炮 =RM 170
    90 minutes = Max 2 shot =RM 340 / 90分钟 = 2炮 =RM 340
    3 hours = Max 3 shot =RM 470 / 3小时 = 3炮 =RM470
    6 hours = Max 4 shot =RM 600 / 6小时 = 4炮 =RM 600
    【Out Call at least 90 minutes =RM340 / 外卖至少 2台 =RM 340】

More Information please check our STATUS pages,Thank You.


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Escort Spa 88| Escort KL| v 17 3 副本 225x300 V17


Escort Spa 88| Escort KL| v 17 2 副本 224x300 V17


Escort Spa 88| Escort KL| v 17 1 副本 224x300 V17











  1. Ojakiki says:

    why B2B conot open all….pay expensive..whyyyy

  2. tubby says:

    Comments on this gal :

    Very stiff. Allows you to do anything including fingering, DFK but no reaction she gave. Its like you the only one make moves. Also no moaning and no enjoying (she’s like very naive and don’t know how to react to you). Very hard to turn me on with this gal (took me hours). I managed to insert my didi into her pussy but its by forcing becuz mine got not fully hard. After first cum, want to restart again and with this attitude, never manage to make my didi hard again ( i am capable of multiple shots). I paid for one shot and left. Not felt satisfied. Better going try at my place, girls are much better than in this place.

  3. swimmer says:

    Admin, is it okay to book her for 6 hours before midnight? i want to book her 6 hours at 6 pm, is it okay ?

  4. molekmen says:

    Tonight she able to come my hotel?

  5. talor basar says:

    14 Disember 2013

    Time: 6 Hour
    Name: V17 (she say her name is Selina)
    Age: Didn’t ask.
    Race : Vietnam
    Face: 7/10
    Body: 7/10
    Boobs: C cup (perch)
    Ass : Typical vietnam butt
    Height : Abt 5’3
    Pussy: Quite bushy (nice to lick)
    Msg : No massage
    B2B: No
    AR : Ever where
    BBBJ: 7/10
    CIM: No
    DFK: long lost lover
    FJ: 8/10
    Anal: Nil
    GFE: 10/10
    Overall Rating: 11/10
    WIR: Yes
    Damage: RM 600
    Spoken Language: Don’t know. using Google translate…haha…

    what i learn is..its not about face or looks..
    its about nice sex…hell yeah…

  6. Fuker78 says:

    DAte : 27.10.13
    Time : 2030
    Wl : v17
    Face : 8/10
    Gfe : 10
    Bbbj : 10/10
    Dfk : 9/10
    Daty : yes 1st try bit gan cheong
    Wir ;:yes maybe tomorrow will try same girl

  7. aegis0407 says:

    TO: lsang. nice to know u here. any contact like skype or wechat so next time can have a chat.

  8. aegis0407 says:

    TO: lsang. yah, i paid according to the promotion price rm140 plus tip for her too.

  9. lsang says:

    To aegis0407: did you get the promotion price ie RM140? Just wanna confirm with you. thx

  10. aegis0407 says:

    hi all, i have just try this girl on today afternoon. well she is good in providing service although she can’t speak any chinese and english. recommend all others to try it but please be gentle on her.

  11. bingrand says:

    If I come to your place ,can I choose girl from there or I have to select girl from this website pictures and tell to you their number???? Please reply…

  12. slash says:

    this girl can lick her pussy or not?

  13. reagan4fun says:

    i wil b in Bkt Bintang tomolo 29th, i want to book V17 for overnite from 9pm. Pls reserve her for me. TQ.

  14. adour says:

    Admin doesn’t have a guts to comment on this??

  15. adour says:

    I plan to take her just now. But the captain said she take her dinner and prepare for out call. Somebody already book her at other hotel. Than, its okay. I take other girl. But, after i finish with ‘other’ girl, i saw the captain promoted this V17 to other customer. WHAT THE FUCK!!! you said prepare for outcall..dinner..but than you give to other guy. Fuck you captain with white shirt and always wearing white cap. This is how you doing business??? Damn!! Thank you for your GOOD service….

  16. lsang says:

    I have fucked this girl twice. I just want to summarize a bit about her in general.

    Pussy:Her pussy is very tight and wet, feel very good when your hard dick is gripped in her tight and cushion-soft pussy. Her pussy is the best masturbator I ever had. Her pussy is clean, a bit hairy and no smell (she is very clean)
    Face: 9/10. Just 100% similar to the picture. Pretty face with wide eyes. Look around 25yr old.
    Boobs: 9/10 B cup I think. Fit her overall shape very well.
    DFK: No try. Only cheek and neck.
    BBBJ: No try. I m not interested in inserting my beloved dick in someone’s mouth.
    Body: Slim, thin and tall (around 160cm) with baby tummy when she sat down on the bed.
    Skin: Smooth, yellowish white, flawless, and soft.
    GFE: She remained silent throughout the sessions since she cant speak English, however she was very accomodating and let you try many positions you wish and always smiling. Somewhat kinky I think.
    Fingering: Allowed. But please dont be rough. Just slowly. The more you stimulate her the more wet her pussy becomes
    WIR: Probably tmorrow. This will become the third time. She is my taste I think.

    P/s: I am quite surprised when looking at 45minute price. I thought it was RM180 before. How come it becomes RM170? Is there any price reduction? May I request for more reduction ? Like reduction to RM150…hope admin can fulfill this. Thanks :D

  17. lim guan says:

    good licking….allow DFK….pussy dry

  18. reagan4fun says:

    service good?

  19. robert lau says:

    because the agent say this girl new comes…..baru datang…barang baru

  20. reagan4fun says:

    why RM220 instead of RM180?

  21. aan paiz says:

    but expensive 220myr

  22. aan paiz says:

    her pussy very tight

  23. aan paiz says:

    very nice pusssy

  24. kasan says:

    Overall Exp: 8/10
    Name : Selina V17
    Origin: Ca Mau, Southern Tip of Popiahland.
    Language: Learning Mandarin, so need to be patient.
    Age: 25
    Face : 7/10, naive pretty type, sweet smiley face.
    Boobs: A+.
    Skin: very fair.
    Body : slim, good height.
    Shower: together before and after.
    Msg: Yes, piano..told her to skip cos I wanted to chit chat, build bfe lor.
    Catbath: nipple concentrated.
    DFK: Yes
    BBBJ: 9/10, this is what she excels at, the sucking is good, but its the licking and tongue flicking action at the base of your head, so wooooonderfuuul…and she goes on forever…nearly CIM. Looks at you while licking your dick….priceless
    HJ: 7/10, had to teach her how I like it, then she obediently followed.
    Finger: I touch2 a bit while receiving BJ
    DATY: I don’t
    FJ : 7/10, accomodating
    Moan: restrained. Told her she needs to moan a bit, then she started laughing hysterically while I kept pumping away laughing as well
    Pussy: trimmed, tight.. no kids yet
    GFE: 8/10, language barrier is a problem, I took 20 mins of just hugging and kissing to break the ice with her, after that we smile and laugh a lot.
    Rush: not at all
    WIR : for me a BIG Yes for her. Also many others to try.

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