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By escort.editor,

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暱稱/ NICK NAME : V112
年龄/ AGE OF YEAR : 23
國籍NATIONALITY : 越南, Vietnam
身高/ HEIGHT : 163cm
三圍/ MEASUREMENTS’ : 34C.25.34

Current location: Kuala Lumpur
Incall location: Kuala Lumpur,bukit bintang imbi
Outcall delivery: All kuala lumpur and selangor area

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  • NORMAL RATE PACKAGE (incall and outcall rate)
    45  minutes = Max 1 shot =RM 170 /45分钟 = 1炮 =RM 170
    90 minutes = Max 2 shot =RM340  / 90分钟 = 2炮 =RM 340
    3 hours = Max 3 shot =RM470  / 3小时 = 3炮 =RM 470
    6 hours = Max 4 shot =RM600   / 6小时 = 4炮 =RM 600




  1. carollo says:

    Code: V66

    Age: 22

    Nationality: viet
    Language: Limited Chinese
    Looks: there is only 60% similiarity from website .
    Skin: 6/10 – seems to lack of care.
    Boobs: 7/10 – a little saggy- nipple kinda,wore out.
    Ass : 7/10 – enjoyable view
    Pussy: 7/10 – a little loose, wet and during operation no ky needed.
    BBBJ: 6/10 – doing for the sake of doing-just head rimming only
    DATY: NA
    DFK: NA
    FJ : 7/10 , had a deal for outcall – paid 340 2shot for 90minute. got too work up first round nothing extra ordinary and misunderstand thought was for 3hr, miss the 2nd shot. accommodating, but lack of enthusiasm to please me.

    Rush : Nope

    Damage : 340
    WIR: was going to extend v66 overnight. after first round.decided not to.

  2. irontech says:

    Code: V66
    Nationality: Viet
    Age: As per advertised
    Language: Unable to converse in English.
    Face: 7/10 – Very similar to web pics.
    Body: 6/10 – A bit meaty.
    Skin: 6/10 – Very visible tattoo on her tummy.
    Boobs: 8/10 – C cup.
    BBBJ: 7/10 – In shower and on bed.
    DFK: 9/10 – Throughout session.
    DATY: 7/10 – Allowed, and very aroused.
    Fingering: 8/10 – Allowed, and aroused by the touch.
    Pussy: 7/10 – Not too loose, not too tight either.
    FJ: 8.5/10 – Missionary and doggie.
    Moan: 7/10 – Responsive to each thrust.
    GFE: 7.5/10
    Damage: As per advertised on web.
    Rush: No rush.
    WIR: Yes, and for others
    Overall: 8/10

    Went ahead and picked this Viet during my visit there. Seen her a couple of times as she does B2B. Every time she passes by, she’ll smile and decided to take her this time.

    She was very responsive, probably she has seen me a couple of times and she was shocked that I’ve chosen her. So we began by hugging and DFK with tongue action, as we stripped each other. First thing I’ve noticed was her protruding nipples. Very nice to suck and her boobs were a handful. She moaned at every groping and nibbling on her breast and nipples. Very high indeed.

    Then proceed to stripped and went into the shower. We were engaging in DFK as she shower us both. Then dried up and proceeded to bed. She allows DATY and she was easily aroused by it, while rubbing her firm boobies, but natural. Then on to missionary and ended in doggie.


    She’s very wild during FJ and she’ll use her hips to thrust your didi deeper into her. Every time thrusting her, she’ll moaned with excitement and very very aroused by it. Even when I came into her, she’ll continue to thrust your didi deep within her, as if milking you to your every last drop.

    All in all, a great experience with her. But do bear in mind, she’s quite “meaty” and NOT for bros who is looking for a model type figure. But what she lacks in this dept, she makes up for it with her good GFE and her wild FJ in bed.