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By escort.editor,

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暱稱/ NICK NAME : V68
年龄/ AGE OF YEAR : 23
國籍NATIONALITY : 越南, Vietnam
身高/ HEIGHT : 163cm
三圍/ MEASUREMENTS’ : 34C.25.34

Current location: Kuala Lumpur
Incall location: Kuala Lumpur,bukit bintang imbi
Outcall delivery: All kuala lumpur and selangor area

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  • NORMAL RATE PACKAGE (incall and outcall rate)
    45  minutes = Max 1 shot =RM 170 /45分钟 = 1炮 =RM 170
    90 minutes = Max 2 shot =RM340 / 90分钟 = 2炮 =RM 340
    3 hours = Max 3 shot =RM470  / 3小时 = 3炮 =RM 470
    6 hours = Max 4 shot =RM600   / 6小时 = 4炮 =RM 600



  1. officer says:

    It’s been quite a while since I last visited this port. So I was in KL on a business trip the other night.

    Staying in hotel around the area anyway, so I decided to went over to see if there’s anything to entertain my night.

    Went in and had the OKT to show me around, start to stroll around and check out the stocks There’s 2 that catches my eyes though I couldn’t remember what’s the number of the other and one of it it V91 She got the sweet smile and electrifying overall look really hit me hard, so I decided to take her.

    I would say no regret on this choice, she’s very active and playful. With the SYT looks oh my my, totally my type.

    Pretty SOP at first, went in to shower together .. not going through with too much details here else it’s going to be too long. I am just going over with same points instead.

    She very playful, after bath she jump to the bed and pretending to sleep and there we do some foreplay before start the session.
    She cap me rather fast though, there’s not even any bj and she indicating to start the fj. Well fine by me so I started with Missionary then cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Then I asked for bj and that’s there I felt a bit the bj is kinda disappointing after awhile we went back for missionary then I asked her to finish me of with some hj.

    I am quite satisfied throughout the session except the bj is kinda I tipped her afterward because she looks cute, pretty nice service and the overall session is just good. Plus she is very my type, that’s pretty much why

    Name/Code: V91
    Nationality: Viet
    Age: She told me 23, and I guess should be more or less there she does looks young
    Language: a little Chinese and English but hardly understandable
    Face: 8/10 – Not that similar to pic on web
    Body: 7/10 – Not exactly slim, a little plump but feel ok
    Skin: 6/10 – Well standard Tan and fairly smooth
    Boobs: 6.5/10 – B cup, natural slightly saggy I would say
    CBJ: 3/10 – I have had better, lacking some skills
    DFK: 8/10 – Pretty well. Slightly here and there in shower, throughout session, after session
    DATY: 7/10 – No weird smell at all, but quite bushy so
    Fingering: 0/10 – Din’t try
    Pussy: 6.5/10 – Bushy, a bit loose
    FJ: 7/10 – Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl
    Moan: 7/10 – throughout the session
    GFE: 5/10 – It would be very high GFE if she speak English or Chinese well
    Damage: 170 plus tips
    Rush: No rush
    WIR: Probably, but for others
    Overall : She’s very active, even before the session. The only thing is the communication barrier, else she would be a nice person to be with.

  2. irontech says:

    Name/Code: V91
    Nationality: Viet
    Age: 21 as it says on web, but due to communication barrier, can’t confirm
    Language: Only Viet
    Face: 6.5/10 – Similar to pic
    Body: 6.5/10 – A bit plump
    Skin: 6/10 – Tan, quite dark
    Boobs: 7/10 – B cup, natural
    CBJ: 0/10 – Didn’t do (????)
    DFK: 7/10 – Throughout session
    DATY: 0/10 – Didn’t do
    Fingering: 6/10 – Allowed
    Pussy: 6.5/10 – Bushy, a bit loose
    FJ: 6.5/10 – Missionary
    Moan: 6/10 – very quiet
    GFE: 5/10 – Communication barrier
    Damage: As per advertised on web
    Rush: No rush
    WIR: Not sure

    Overall : She’s very hyper active, even before the session, and due to her funny and smiling nature, I took her.

    The only thing is the communication barrier, else she would be a fun person to be with.