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12pm to 4am daily (including public holiday) /

12pm 至 4am (包括公共假期)


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In our  About Escort Spa 88 website you will found the log in or register button in every page.Customer need to register as member before can login our live chat room and post are new comment.Why we want to do like that?Because we want to protect our member and privacy.the video below has show you the way register as member.Anyway if you still have any question just contact us 011-1133 5545.we are glad to help you. 在我们的网站,你会发现登录或注册按钮在每一页。客户需要注册成为会员之前,可以登录我们的在线聊天室,后有新的评论。为什么我们要这么做呢?因为我们要保护我们的成员和隐私。下面的视频显示的方式注册成为会员,无论如何如果您还有任何的问题欢迎拨打我们的热线 011 1133 5545。我们会乐意的帮助您。

Escort spa 88,is the pioneer of massage and escort services in Malaysia. Escort spa 88 boasts a large number of premium quality escorts, available for in call and  outcall services, available any day. Escort spa 88是马来西亚的先驱,按摩及护送服务。Escort spa 88拥有大量的优质伴游,提供上门服务,提供任何一天。 Escort spa 88 is the world of your dreams. All forms of massage and escort services can be found here. Our portfolio of escorts is sure to fit your needs, whatever they are. Sexy, busty, slim, petite, blonde, brunette, Asian, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Young, Mature, Duo, Trio, YOU NAME IT, WE HAVE IT! Escort spa 88是你的梦想世界。在这里可以找到所有形式的按摩及护送服务。护送我们的产品组合,以满足您的需求,不管他们是。性感,丰满,瘦身,娇小,金发碧眼,黑发,亚洲,泰国,中国,印度,年轻,成熟,双核,三重奏,只要您说的出来,我们就有提供! At Escort spa 88, we are devoted to delivering the best massage and escort services to you. Our escorts are selected on strict criteria, and you will be delighted to know that all our escorts are sexy, charming, lovely, nice, friendly, and are sure to give you the elusive girlfriend experience. 在Escort spa 88,我们致力于提供最好的按摩和护送服务。我们escort将选择上严格的标准,你会很高兴知道,我们所有的escort有性感,迷人,可爱,漂亮,亲切,肯定给你难以捉摸的女朋友的经验。


Escort Services in KL / 在吉隆坡的服务

Escort spa 88 Malaysia’s escorts service clients Malaysia-wide, outcalls. Escorts will be delivered to any location in Central Kuala Lumpur, e.g. the Klang Valley, Bukit Bintang, Cheras, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, etc. Escort spa 88 是马来西亚escort 服务是客户端马来西亚,上门。我们将送到任何位置在吉隆坡市区内,例如:Klang Valley,Bukit Bintang,Cheras,Damansara,Petaling jaya 等等。 We are dedicated to first-class service, ensuring customer satisfaction. More importantly, to improve your experience with us, we guarantee your privacy, so you can enjoy our massage and escort services without worry. 我们致力于以一流的服务,确保客户的满意度。更重要的是,改善您的体验与我们联系,我们保证您的个人隐私,所以你可以享受你的按摩和护送服务,以便无后顾之忧。 With Escort spa 88, your experience is certainly unforgettable. No rush, devoted attention, relaxing, hygienic, and satisfying. 跟我们Escort spa 88,您的经验无疑是难忘的。不急于,投入注意力,放松身心,卫生,和满足。 Looking for romance? Looking for excitement? Looking for Sophistication? /寻找浪漫?寻找刺激?寻找精致? At Escort spa 88, we make your dreams reality./ 就在我们的Escort spa 88,我们将让您的美梦成真。


Delivery escort services / 输送escort服务

  1. Escort 88 have provide delivery services to any hotel and residence. /Escort 88将提供任何酒店和居住送货服务。
  2. Customer just need to selected escort girl you interesting and call us to see the girl is available to serve you or not.Our team will confirm the selected escort girl status. / 客户只需选择我们的小姐是您感到兴趣的,打给我们查看小姐是否出席来到服务您。我们的团队将确认所选择的小姐状态。
  3. We will ask where you want to meet our escort girl? / 我们团队将会问您需在哪里和我们的小姐会面。

Contact us / 联系我们

For more information of our services,location,rate,package and any more question… 更多关于我们服务的详情,地点,价格,配套以及更多的疑问….. Don’t hesitate to call us to know more about our services and don’t worry, we are very friendly and helpful. 不要犹豫,给我们打电话,以了解更多关于我们的服务,也不需担心,我们团队亲切和乐于助人。 Cheers, we hope to hear from you soon.Call us now 我们希望听到您的到来。现在就拨电给我们。

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